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Delivery of Vegetable & Rapeseed Cooking Oil - Collection & Recycling of Waste Cooking Oil

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"Our aim is to make cater oils as environmentally freindly as possible in this competitive market place. We supply British grown rapeseed oils & economy vegetable fryer oils in reussable containers, we recycle 100% of the waste cooking oil collected into biodiesel which we run on, even our delivery and collection notes are supplied electronically to save paper..... I think we're doing rather a good job!" Peter Howell, Director Cater Oils.

How our service works ...

Cater oils offers wholesale supply & delivery of fresh vegetable oils & rapeseed cooking oil for frying. We also collect your used waste cooking oils for recycling into biodiesel combating climate change saving disposal costs. Cater oils guarantees to offer the best prices for a comparable service. Cater oils supplies all catering establishments including pubs, hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, hospitals, nursing care homes & fast food outlets.

Sign up to use Cater Oils with either our 30 day credit agreement or apply as a COD customer.


We will set you up for a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery for your required amount


Our delivery & collection vehicle will be sent to you to drop off your fresh vegetable oil, a barrel for you to decant the waste cooking oil into, collect your empty fresh oil containers and remove your used cooking oil for recycling.


Sign for your delivery and collection on our electronic PDA system.


We will send you an invoice & WTN via email to save paper & the environment.